Rule (updated June 2022)
.pdf copy of the Rule for the Community of Solitude.

Customary (updated June 2022)
.pdf copy of the Customary for the Community of Solitude.

Conversation Guidelines (updated July 2022)
.pdf of the CoS rules for Godly conversation. Must read for all members.


Brief Rule of St. Romuald

Sit in your cell as in paradise;
cast all memory of the world behind you;
cautiously watch your thoughts, as a good fisherman the fish.
The way is via the psalms – do not leave it. If, in your beginner’s fervor, you fail to do the whole psalter, do a little here and a little there, studying each with your whole mind and spirit, and when your mind wanders during the reading – don’t quit, hurry to refocus;
Place yourself in the presence of God with fear and trembling, as if standing before the emperor;
empty yourself completely;
sit like a baby chick, content with the grace of God, who, unless its mother gives it something , knows nothing and has nothing to eat.